Progress Point

Demo centers

A hands-on experience

Join us at one of our demo or innovation centers around the world to experience how Marel solutions can meet your processing needs. Our demo centers bring food processors together with Marel experts to experience the full potential of our equipment, integrated systems and software in a hands-on environment, during demonstrations, training seminars, ShowHows and other live and online events.

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Customized demonstrations

Work side by side with our experts to explore the best Marel solutions for your specific production needs. Our demo center facilities can simulate a variety of food processing environments, providing a space where you can see how our state-of-the art equipment and software will enhance your production, staff knowledge, operational outcomes and product range.

By simulating real food processing factory conditions, we provide you with the opportunity to experiment, exchange ideas with production specialists, and discover what best meets your needs and challenges.

  • Discover how to maximize the quality, yield and throughput of your production
  • Improve existing products and develop new products
  • Explore innovative ways to become more efficient, sustainable and profitable
  • Test how our Innova software solutions can support your business

Salmon Showhow 2014 (1)

Showhow events

Our unique poultry, meat, salmon and whitefish showhows attract customers from all over the world to our Progress Point Global Experience Center in Copenhagen, bringing them together to explore the latest advances in food processing and hear guest speakers address some of today’s key processing challenges.

These events show processors how Marel’s industry-leading products can help them organize their daily production and address the critical factors that affect raw material utilization, processing times, labor costs, food safety and sustainability.

  • Discover Marel’s advanced equipment and software solutions, with demonstrations running all day
  • Gain valuable insights from Marel experts and guest speakers during seminars and presentations
  • Meet Marel specialists as well as industry colleagues from around the world

Meat Showhow

Training seminars

Training your teams at a Marel demo center prepares them to run new installations back home and minimize human error. The hands-on environment allows them to learn and experience different challenges without any interruption to your production, and without being distracted by other demands.

We offer training delivered at a time convenient to you. When visiting us isn’t practical, we arrange online training with live demonstrations and interaction with our specialists.

With in-depth training to operate and maintain new equipment, your staff can update their knowledge and qualifications, gain new expertise and heighten their understanding of the impact of their actions. This improves their ability to:

  • Contribute to plant efficiency and reinforce best practices
  • Quickly resolve common issues
  • Take responsibility for improving production
  • Understand the impact of their actions to reduce the risk of accidents and minimize human error

Lenexa Progresspoint 018

State-of-the-art facilities

Our demo centers feature extensive wet and dry demonstration areas, as well as ideal space for conferences, meetings, dinners and other networking events.

We display Marel equipment in realistic conditions that allow you to perform tests and develop new products. Discussions can then continue in the comfort of one of our meeting rooms, where we endeavor to make your visit as effective and comfortable as possible. All our facilities are well equipped and our staff are there to make sure you have everything you need, such as complimentary refreshments during your visit.

The capacity of our demo and innovation centers differs across locations, and we host diverse groups for a variety of purposes; from private demos tailored to individual customers, to major events for hundreds of people.


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